Activa International is partner in the consortium responsible for the implementation of the service contract "Technical Assistance on Improved Integration of Disabled Persons into Society". The consortium is under leadership of Archidata (Italy). Other partners are Ankon Consulting (Turkey) and ürkiye Beyazay Derneği (Turkey).

The project aims for strengthening of the capacities of The Ministry of Family and Social Policies' General Directorate of Services for Disabled Persons and Elderly (DG) and the strengthening of the capacities of Civil society organisations (CSOs) operating in the disability field.   

Technical Assistance provided under this contract: Delivery of trainings to CSOs in issues related to social inclusion and disabilities; Support to Grant Scheme activities and Grant Project management; Support to CSOs in procurement and project management; Delivery of PCM trainings; Support to dissemination. 

Early February 2016 the CFCU confirmed the acceptance of the final reportings.

Execution period: 2013-2015